Drupal 8 Has Arrived!

Submitted by Matthew on Wed, 12/02/2015 - 07:36

Drupal 8 has arrived!  We here at the Web Mechanic have been playing around with Drupal 8 alpha, beta and release candidates for the past year or so, and are excited to see the first official release of the new Drupal platform.  

The Drupal 7 version of the Web Mechanic will remain available at http://webmech.biz.  Since a number of the posts on that site include custom modules to provide examples for issues specific to Drupal 7 development, it makes sense to keep those posts on a Drupal 7 installation instead of migrating them to Drupal 8.  

To provide easy access to those blog posts from our new site, we set up a service on the old site to provide blog data in JSON format.  Then--and this is the exciting part--we created a Drupal 8 module to create a block, pull the blog data in from the Drupal 7 service, and display it in the block.  This block is titled "Web Mechanic Drupal 7 Blog Posts" and can be found in the left sidebar.  Click on the title to view the teaser, or click "Read more" to visit http://webmech.biz to read the entire blog post.

Drupal 8 modules are built in a significantly different way than in Drupal 7--modules now are object-oriented, use namespaces, and are configured with YAML files.  Look for upcoming blog posts exploring how to put all this together to build Drupal 8 modules.


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